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Applications for the 2021 QC competition have now closed.


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30 April 2021

The award of Queen’s Counsel is for excellence in advocacy in the higher courts. It is made to advocates who have rights of audience in the higher courts of England and Wales and have demonstrated the competencies in the Competency Framework to a standard of excellence.

Queen’s Counsel are appointed from amongst practising advocates – both barristers and solicitors. They are appointed because they have demonstrated excellence in advocacy in difficult cases in the higher courts of England and Wales, or in tribunals or arbitrations.

More information about barristers can be found at barcouncil.org.uk, and about solicitors at lawsociety.org.uk.

The Queen’s Counsel Selection Panel is responsible for recommendations to the Lord Chancellor on appointment of Queen’s Counsel. However, Queen’s Counsel Appointments does not deal with complaints about QCs. Those are dealt with by the Legal Ombudsman; or by the Bar Standards Board for barristers or the Solicitors Regulations Authority for solicitor QCs.

Applications are welcome from all suitably qualified advocates – including solicitors and employed advocates, as well as barristers in independent practice. Applications are also particularly welcomed from women, members of ethnic minorities, people with disabilities and other groups that are currently under-represented. We will make adjustments to the process when needed. You can download the application form and the Guidance to Applicants by clicking here.

If you require an alternative format or assistance to complete the form, please contact the Secretariat.